Last Updated: May 13, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

 If you want to read the FAQs for PearResearch Basic, click here.

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You can directly open our Status Checker and check the status there.

The Application Fee is ₹500 irrespective of the type of research study. Further fee (referred to as Remaining Fee) varies per the type of research study. To read more, click here.

We do not intend to take your hard-earned money and keep it with us until we can actually provide our services. Hence, we take the full cost when you join the team. We do, however, take a small Application Fee to confirm your interest, helping us provide a timeline to other interested applicants.

Our core focus is to work on research which adds to the literature. However, we are aware of the needs of our applicants and we focus on PubMed Indexed Journals only. We pride ourselves in setting standards to publish in high impact journals. Further, we prioritize our manuscripts so that they may not invite additional publication costs—Article Process Charges (APC) and Language Editing. We are happy to share that 96% of publications till date have been published without paying any fee (APC or Editing fee).

The authorship order shall be decided objectively using a thoughtfully designed "Author Appraisal Sheet" in each paper based on contribution and engagement. The more you contribute, the higher your position in authorship order. This will be shared with you once you join.

PearResearch Premium has been designed to cater to urgent needs of applicants at minimal cost. We will mention it in the form itself if our slots are occupied. For specific time estimates, contact us at [email protected] or DM us on our socials at Instagram.

We plan to complete a manuscript within a period of one month. However, this may vary. We understand the obligations of our applicants, hence some articles may be delayed to honor the quality of the manuscript.

Yes, you do (for now). We, at PearResearch, are working to get case/consent/data/ethical permission for various cases/researches; however, it is insufficient to cater to the demand of applicants. We are actively working to scale our activities to cater to the demand, and believe that we will be able to waive this requirement very soon.

Honest Opinion
The ethical approval/consent is an integral component of original research/case studies involving human population. We, at PearResearch, comply with the international standards/recommendations, HIPAA protocol, and national guidelines. We take due care of all legal obligations and respect the patients' autonomy and privacy. We intend to empower our applicants with the ethical/legal knowledge related to value it for this very reason. Doing the required paperwork and understanding the basis comes through experience—practice makes a person perfect. Hence, atleast for now, the responsibility of procuring consent/ethical approval lies on the applicant. We will always be guiding you through the entire process.


We value it for the following reasons:

1. The patient is aware that the core data is shared with just the Applicant and sole responsibility of maintaining ethical/consent standards lie with the Applicant- We help them design and improve their work and deal with anonymized data.
2. Mentors supplying the case or ethical approval will keep the applicants in the dark of these mandatory obligations and may unintentionally lead to violation of standards.*
3. We, at PearResearch, are clinicians before being researchers and we take pride in taking responsibility of our work and the associated data generated. In our aim to democratize research, we are determined to help our applicants at all stages of getting the required approval/consent. We believe that guiding in practice than providing directly is more beneficial, catalyzing growth and boosting confidence.

*We are working to expand our resources to take informed and legal consent/approval including the permission to use the information with applicants for educational purposes.

• If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or fill out the contact form here. Alternatively, you could also DM us on our socials at Instagram.

• Any information mentioned here is reflective of the 'Requirements'. In case of any discrepancy, the information on the Requirements page will be honored.