our mission

Developing countries and the developed world significantly differ from each other. It is not a leap to state that the disease manifestations and laboratory diagnostic approaches are different in the two worlds.

Here at PearResearch, the goal is to empower and inspire students, doctors, professors, nurses, all-in-all, anyone in healthcare who is willing to help collect data from patients first-hand or obtain data from their case notes, with a vision directed at the lesser-represented countries, which can be analyzed for the betterment of global health. This is especially true in rural areas, where most data is on paper, and very little information is digitized. The hurdles forthcoming due to these limitations continue to exist, at least for now, while patients and those suffering from diseases stay. It is our job as individuals in the healthcare sector to help in whatever capacity we can, whether through data collection or analysis. This will help us create a window to identify and address these issues in the rural regions of developing nations for various un- or under-diagnosed diseases and, if diagnosed, stratified alterations.

The principle of ‘tip of the iceberg’ is a widely used concept in public health but just identifying the problem is not enough. Efforts to solve the problem by venturing into the unchartered and discovering the depth of the problem is the ‘act of responsibility’. Collaborating globally, we identified a major dimension: lack of research equity; we strive to unite inquisitive individuals from all regions of the world who are confident- and who are willing- to contribute to science. Advancing technology has made our mission easier to commence and succeed in, and we have begun. Everyone realizing the potential to direct efforts from a nascent stage—which could be something as simple as data collection by an interested medical student—will benefit our aspirations for the betterment of the world.

Neil, Nirja, and Yashendra, aiming for residency in the US healthcare system, have seen the importance their colleagues give to learning about research. With the value of research knowledge increasing over the last few years, students are excited to learn about the methodology and thus are “volunteers-with-purpose”; global health has always been the need of the day. The central mission at PearResearch is to combine these two facets. PearResearch brings into cohesion a culture of international collaborations and responsible research to contribute quality data on ‘missed links’, helping global policy and aiding the development of healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

In addition, PearResearch also aims to help their applicants learn about academic writing and illustrating. PearResearch attempts to contribute to the big mission of ‘research equity’, helping our pe(a)rs grow in this essential domain of science and contribute their bit to healthcare in the region they are native to and beyond.