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Neil   Oct 20, 2022

A picture speaks a thousand words.

A good picture is even better. Designing illustrations required skill back in the day. Now, we have tools which have made illustrating much easier. You do need the knowledge of the topic though. We have compiled a comprehensive list of illustrating softwares and tools which you can use. Find the one which fits your hand the best and master it.

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Reference Management Software

Neil   March 8, 2023

References substantiate your claim.

Adding references in any manuscript is a must. Although there are multiple purposes, they are centered around identifying the source for your statement. If your friend told that you dribbled the basketball 1000 times and therefore broke the Guinness world record, you'd sure wanna know what the previous record was and by how much did you break it. Now, surely you'd know your friend was lying and feel bad, but you'd know the facts, saving you from another friend's prank.

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