Apply and mentor research aspirants
Why PearMentors

We have received exceedingly high number of applications and are overwhelmed with the response. We feel overjoyed to know that we are contributing to a cause that was the need of the hour. The long wait times never benefitted our applicants, especially with other personal commitments. We strived to figure out a way to cater to the urgent needs of applicants, but we stand firm in maintaining quality in our contribution to science. Our core intention has always been to maintain high standards in providing a hands-on remote research experience. We are delighted to announce that we are expanding PearResearch.

How we function

Mentors will help us work with more teams by helping us lead these teams allowing us to consider more applications. At PearResearch, we do not wish to create followers, but future leaders who can carry our mission forward.

Benefits to mentors

1. Expand your knowledge of research and learn our standards of teaching research through ToT (Training of Trainers) sessions.
2. Chance to participate in our funded projects aiming high IF journals.
3. Chance to be promoted to mentor PR Premium teams (launching soon).
4. Chance to coordinate other PR events coming up this year (more surprises coming).
5. Free access to PR resources for teaching.
6. Amazing leadership experience to cherish for life and add to your CVs (We will provide PR certificates).
7. Attend various specialized workshops by our co-founders and other experienced researchers and subject specialists.
8. Other exclusive surprises.


1. Atleast 3-5 publications in minimum 2 different PubMed Indexed journals.
2. Experience in editorial roles, reviewer roles, prior research courses and high impact publications will be preferred.
3. Fluency in the English language.


1. Dedicating atleast 4-5 hours per week to alloted projects and attending all meets for research training sessions.
2. Meeting all deadlines and maintaining standards with the team.
3. Following expected standards of discipline.
4. Not joining to offer mentorship on any other platform for 2 years.

PearMentor Application

Join our mission to help




How many manuscripts have you published?
(Minimum 5—PubMed Indexed)


How many hours can you devote per week?
(Minimum 4)



CV (pdf/doc/docx/odt) *