Frequently Asked Questions

 If you want to verify or re-download your existing certificate, click here.

 If you want to apply for your certificate, click here.

Anyone who has submitted or published a paper with us using resources and material provided through PearResearch Basic™ or Premium™ is eligible to apply for a certificate. To apply for a certificate, click here. You are eligible to apply for a certificate if you have previously attended any online workshops hosted by PearResearch™.

Creating the certificate and hosting the PearResearch™ Online Verification Portal has an associated cost. Although we try our best to minimize it, certain costs cannot be circumvented. Notwithstanding, we strongly believe in keeping our services accessible. Thus, the introductory course—PearResearch™ Basic—will always be free! Additional features, such as the online certificate with verification, comes with an extra cost, to handle database hosting, database management, privacy and security, certificate design, and printing/postage costs (for printed certificates). We have opted for such services that allowed us to keep the prices reasonably low to extend the benefit to everyone.*

We received various requests highlighting the need for a formal certificate for our course. We understand the career needs of our applicants and have worked hard to provide an elaborate certificate for the skills you learned. This will significantly help validate your skill-set learned with us and allow a verifiable online accreditation of your hard work. So now, in addition to being empowered, you will be certified.

You will receive your online-verifiable certificate within a week of your application. The wait-times are currently extended to 3 weeks till May 21, 2024. If you opt for a printed certificate, it might take upto 4 weeks depending on your location.**

The cost for the certification depends on on the course you have opted for. Online verification is included with every certificate. Printed certificates are charged for separately to cover the printing costs while maintaining quality.

* Certain PearResearch Premium applicants are eligible to obtain the certificate for free. To learn more read above.

** Currently, printed copies are only deliverable within India.

• If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or fill out the contact form here. Alternatively, you could also DM us on our socials at Instagram.