Communicating and having work done is a two way street and we expect you to be proactive.


The duration of each project will begin once the topic is decided. Our goal is to have the manuscript finalized (including reviewing by all members) within one month.*

Each author must contribute to the whole project. We believe one learns only by practice. After a few projects, we believe each one of you must be capable of identifying good writing.**

We will teach you on a regular basis and you can always contact us for any doubts via email. Once you join, we encourage you to share any queries related to the research project in the group (Whatsapp), so everyone benefits from it.

We require each candidate to be active in the project. Lack of interest or inactivity will not be tolerated. In such an event, you shall be removed from the project and lose right to authorship.

You are not permitted to share photos, screenshots or recordings of any content made available to you being part of PearResearch™ privately or publicly. In such an event, you shall be removed from the project, lose right to authorship and be ineligible for future participation at the least.

Original studies (observational studies) or case series (in some cases) can be worked on only if the applicant has an institutional affiliation with an active Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) and/or Institutional Review Board (IRB). We will walk you through each step and prepare you for this, but the onus of obtaining the approval, data, consent and any institutional permission lies on applicant. However, writing and approach to research is the primary goal at PearResearch™ Premium.***

Case reports can be worked on if the applicant comes across a novel case which they identified.***

Although we try our best to accommodate the topic/subject of the applicant, it may not always be honored.

It shall be your duty to be appraised with the latest requirements irrespective of when you applied.

All articles will be written in the English language.


The authorship order shall be decided objectively in each paper based on contribution and engagement. The more you contribute, the higher your position in authorship order.****

Authorship beyond respective applicants in any manuscript prepared through PearResearch Premium will not be allowed.

* The duration of studies involving human data will start once ethical permission is obtained. This will be more convenient for applicants in groups.

** The applicants are assumed to have basic knowledge of English grammar and are able to write correctly. This is also an explicit requirement prior to application.

*** Studies involving human subjects or their data in any form shall be conducted keeping the appropriate guidelines in mind upholding patient privacy and consent. Written informed consent will be mandatory for case reports/series (in some cases), while IRB approval will be mandatory for any observational study. In case of failure to obtain required data/ethical approval/consent, we may allow your application to be shifted to a literature review on a case-to-case basis. In case of any conflict, the applicant will be responsible. Details will be discussed during the meetings.

**** It will be objective through an author appraisal sheet and will be shared with you once you join. In case of any discrepancy, final interpretation lies with us.


The Total Fee is divided into two parts: Application Fee and Remaining Fee.

The Application Fee is ₹500 or $10 (USD) irrespective of the study type you apply for.

The Remaining Fee will depend on the project applied for. The individual fee structure is below:

If you applied for any study, but do not fulfil any requirements, your application may be shifted to the study with an equivalent pricing that would be possible. We never intend to take your hard-earned money and not help you with our services.

The chronology of Application Fee receipt will be chosen for Application Chronology for the type of study you applied. Chronology will be honored only for literature reviews.

We have limited slots every month; when filled, the form will be updated to mention this explicitly. However, due to technical delays, often this update maybe delayed, and applications maybe accepted beyond the maximal slot availability. Example: If we take 10 applications per month, and we received 10 applications, the form will be updated to reflect that change. If it did not reflect on your device and you filled out the form being 11th in chronology and paid the Application Fee, then, you have two options: Wait for the next upcoming slot OR ask for a refund.
Note: Although, we do our best to inform you of the upcoming slot month, it depends on the active teams and might not represent the true schedule. If you have any questions, please contact us through email at [email protected].

• If you wait for the upcoming slot, this fee will reserve your position in the chronology of applications. You may choose to postpone your application a maximum of two times to fit your schedule after which your application will be forfeited.

• However, if you wished to apply immediately but the slots were found to be booked, you will be notified and allowed for a refund of the Application Fee paid. Note, with your request for refund, your position in the chronology is waived.

The fee the journal expects is excluded from the Total Fee when joining and shall be borne by the applicants in the team equitably. Note: All journals DO NOT charge a fee and it is possible that the manuscript is published without any excess fee. We shall guide you in this as well. This distribution, if required, is below:

Position Total Fee
1st Author ~30%
2nd Author ~22%
3rd Author ~15%
4th - 5th Author ~9%
6th - 7th Author ~7%
• These figures are approximated for guidance assuming the number of authors are 7. The final figures will be discussed after joining or during publication, whichever comes first.
Any Fee paid will not be refunded, unless explicitly mentioned in the terms on this page.

Group applications

Minimum 3 candidates including the group representative will constitute a group. A group of 7 or more applicants may constitute a full team.

In the event of a group application, each applicant must pay the Total Fee before the group commences. Discounts will be offered on a case-to-case basis. Kindly contact us at [email protected] or at  PearResearch for further details.

For chronology of group applications: The group request will be honored only if mentioned during the application. If you choose to apply with a group after having applied individually with no intention to continue your individual application, your payment will be transferred to that of the group application. In such an event, the original point in the chronology will be lost on the request of change of status to group and the new chronological point will be the time of receipt of the application of last member of the group. The primary member of the group application will be referred to as the 'Group Representative' for future reference for application of other members. It will be your responsibility to inform this to other members of your group prior to application, since we need their consent to join us on their own volition. Alternatively, if you share their emails with us, we will email them for consent of joining. In this case, if everyone agree within 24 hours of us having sent the emails, the time of the primary applicant will serve to be the basis of chronology for the group. If you have any doubts, reach us at [email protected] or at  PearResearch.

• Order of the text is not material to the requirements, and in case of discrepancy, the final interpretation lies with us.