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  • Good Writing

    Scientific writing might seem like essay writing, but it's not even close! Delivering the maximum technically sound content with the least possible words, allowing even a lay person understand the gist is a skill to be mastered. No one can ever be Piccaso of this art, but we can grow daily with proper guidance. We are here to help with a compilation of what we learned through various courses, tutorials, and seminars.

    It does not happen in one go, it takes multiple rounds of revision and editing.

  • Research Proposals

    What will you do learning biostatistics if you don't have any data to work with?

    Answer: Nothing

    Proposals are what you submit to research committees at each institute. We will guide you through making research proposals and also will talk about the salient points you must cater to while presenting your proposal to the committee.

  • Biostatistics

    Biostatistics is key to solving and understanding many key principles of research. With it's understanding with a practical approach along with having a paper published, we will learn to approach research at it's grassroot. Whether it is clinical studies including RCT's, biostatistics is at the helm.

    Join us and we shall help you breeze through this supposed topic of dread with ease.

  • Copy editing

    You've written your paper and all is done and dusted and you want to submit it; we suggest, pause, take a breath, wait one day, you'll make few changes; wait two days, you'll find punctuation issues, spacing isssues, hierarchy issues. Copy editing is a skill, and demands a keen eye.

    Go watch a movie, walk your dog or just sleep and then see your document again; being immersed in your manuscript the whole time is not always going to help you find the errors. Taking a break can be helpful.

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Immediate acceptance into the team*
Chance to participate in a funded research project
Free base registration to PearResearch Conference
Monthly live research doubt handling sessions
Illustration and Poster-Making workshop (coming soon)
Access to customized poster templates
Detailed Reference Management Session
Original Research (Secondary data) — Social Media Network Analysis, Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analysis and more
Original Research (Primary data), Literature Reviews
Access to research related tools
Control over authorship
Whatsapp group for research doubts and live manuscript help
Assistance in research topic selection
* Limited slots every month

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