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We are here to be the seniors you never had and help you figure out how to go about the word research. While our primary goals here would be to help students to do an original study from scratch, we will try to help everyone in all domains of research. Biostatistics is a mathematical tool we have in our armamentarium to answer many research questions but often becomes an obstacle for medical students, our work here will emphasize it immensely. We don't proclaim to be experts; we are peer mentors who are learning but wish to share whatever we have learnt and pass the torch forward!

Best Strategy

While there are many ways you could go learning about research, we offer you the best way: for free; for learning there is no right way.

Creative Ideas

Finding a topic of significance isn't as easy as an apple falling from a tree (pun intended), but we will help you think about research questions.

Our Team

Our founding members

  • Neil Patel

    An MBBS graduate from Gujarat with a keen interest in Internal Medicine, with a passion for cardiology and public health. He always appreciated the concept of evidence-based medicine, with research at its core, and has gone into the depths to learn and understand it, especially biostatistics. Research tools and studies appear (and perhaps are) complex, but the true skill lies in simplifying it. He has 20+ publications in highly reputed indexed journals, and he serves as Editor of PLOS ONE, The Evidence journal and peer reviewer of various MDPI, BMC, Elsevier, and Springer journals. Beyond medicine, he is inclined toward technology and dips his toes in that domain as well, may it be learning about AI, web design or graphics. He strongly believes in the larger picture, with his motto in life being “Zoom out: Life—and anything and everything in between—will be clearer.”

    Fun Fact: He singlehandedly designed the PearResearch Website.

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    It should be Neil
  • Nirja Kaka

    She is an Internal Medicine Residency applicant who aspires to be a patient- and community-directed endocrinologist. She has a keen interest in understanding the backbone interlinking diabetes, obesity, and weight loss medication. She strongly supports equitable and inclusive healthcare and is passionate about medical education and research primarily focused on artificial intelligence in healthcare. She believes it will be the way of tomorrow. Being a music artist, she is inclined to utilize music and media to promote healthcare communication combining all of her pursuits. With 20+ publications in highly reputed indexed journals, she serves as editor of 'The Evidence' journal and a peer reviewer of various journals.

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  • Yashendra Sethi

    He is a recent MBBS Graduate with research interests in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Precision Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Cardiology, and Public Health. He sees research as a tool to explore, highlight and help global healthcare. With a technologically inclined brain, he aims to implement tools of Precision Medicine and Artificial Intelligence to explore therapeutic, diagnostic, and preventive solutions for diseases affecting humans. He has published over 40+ articles in highly reputed indexed journals and serves as editor to BMC Public Health, PLOS ONE, The Evidence, and GJMS. He also serves as a peer reviewer for various reputed journals. He believes the way to increase research contribution from developing countries is by ‘empowering’ the peer with research skills.

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